Limiting Liability With Surveillance

Milestone video management software has been installed in Life Time Fitness centers.

By Matt Pillar, editor-in-chief, Integrated Solutions For Retailers.

As health clubs go, Life Time Fitness is in a league of its own. So is its surveillance-based risk mitigation effort.

6,000 Eyes In The Sky
To monitor its growing number of destinations, Life Time selected Axis Communications and Milestone Systems networked video infrastructure. The cameras at Life Time destinations support the functions of its risk management team. “We rely on CCTV (closed circuit television) to assist when situations are reported,” says Reding. To that end, Reding is working with its IP video providers on the development of a video-wall command control center, where Life Time risk mitigation professionals will be able to remotely monitor all 6,000 of the company’s cameras and assist with incidents accordingly.

"Our surveillance cameras and VMS are sophisticated enough to quickly produce very high-resolution imagery of suspects, which greatly aids the law enforcement effort."

Joshua Reding, director of risk management, Life Time Fitness

Uniformity Key To Surveillance TCO

While Life Time Fitness and Life Time Athletic are multifaceted businesses, Life Time believes in the efficiency-enabling power of standardization. That’s why the company has standardized the video surveillance infrastructure at each of its destinations on IP cameras from Axis Communications and a Milestone Systems VMS (video management system). “Uniformity of our camera infrastructure results in streamlined deployment, training, usage and file sharing, maintenance, and, ultimately, lower TCO [total cost of ownership],” says Joshua Reding, director of risk management. “With more than 200 users across the country, uniformity of the system, from which cameras we deploy in which locations to the network itself, is very important.” It’s also important to the bottom line when it’s time to buy and install the devices in new Life Time destinations. 

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