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Izelle Ackermann, video product manager of Wireless IP Convergence company, Miro, talks about the advantages of the XProtect Access Control Module from Milestone Systems.

This article was published in High-Tech Security Solutions.

Physical security information management (PSIM) systems can help security organisations to integrate multiple security systems. They provide all the necessary information in one view to allow operators to focus on important and critical events, to quickly respond to incidents and to easily recover footage for review.

Izelle Ackermann, video product manager of Wireless IP Convergence company, Miro, says that an integrated system should be easy to deploy, and should allow operators to receive data and to control the system. The system should provide access to predetermined people, monitor people and movement after-hours, and check the overall health process of the system.

A successful PSIM solution will allow the operator to track objects across multiple cameras in real-time using feeds from various cameras as they move through the area. By integrating maps, floor plans and camera placement, the operator is able to more proactively prevent false alarm reporting.

Ackermann says that the ideal PSIM system should be flexible, scalable, low maintenance and easy to use. He adds that open platform systems like Milestone’s, are feature rich, thus offering more integration possibilities and giving the client a greater variety of choice between different IP cameras.

The Milestone XProtect access control module unites access control and video in one powerful security solution. Extending the capabilities of the Milestone Integration Platform (MIP), the XProtect access control module enables easy integration of third-party access control solutions into XProtect Smart Client and gives users a consolidated interface to operate access control systems.

Dedicated functions in XProtect Smart Client enable users to effectively monitor access events, manually control passages and conduct investigations on specific access points or cardholders. The XProtect access control module is therefore not merely an access control system, but rather a video-centric user interface that makes the most commonly used control functions available to XProtect Smart Client users.

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