Summer Travel Speeds Up with Axis and Milestone

Traffic engineers in cities such as Dubuque, Iowa turn to Milestone Systems' Open platform IP technology for budget-friendly tool to make travel safer, more efficient and less stressful.

Traffic engineers in cities such as Dubuque, Iowa turn to IP technology for budget-friendly tool to make travel safer, more efficient and less stressful

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – June 5, 2014 – With summer vacations and their inevitable traffic jams soon to be on the minds of many, Axis Communications, the global leader in network video surveillance, today announced how Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) with IP video technology are playing an increasingly important role in helping state and local governments reduce congestion, improve safety and make roadways more efficient. Not only does ITS help create happy travellers, it can also alleviate pressure on municipal budgets by offering a cost-effective alternative to physical roadway construction projects.

Even though drivers may not see workers with hard hats and heavy trucks digging up a street, traffic engineers are often busy working behind the scenes to improve roadways with IP technology. In Iowa, the City of Dubuque has been engaged in a large-scale effort to build a city wide ITS that connects traffic signals, intersection cameras and other IP-addressable technologies to an Ethernet over fiber optic network. This provides traffic engineers with dynamic, centralized control over traffic flow throughout the town.

“By using cameras and other IP communication technology, we have been able to push thousands of more vehicles onto our busiest roadways at a tenth of the cost of physical construction,” said David Ness, traffic engineer for the City of Dubuque.

Axis network cameras, supplied by systems integrator and Axis partner RACOM Corporation, have been deployed at 80 key intersections and along major roadways and bridges in the City of Dubuque to date. The video footage, managed through Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS), helps city engineers analyze traffic patterns and make critical adjustments such as changing the timing of signals when accidents push vehicles onto alternate routes and adjusting signage and lane markings without engaging in costly construction. The video also helps police determine the nature of accidents, while traffic engineers can use that information toimprove safety and reduce accidents in the future.

Traffic managers accelerate use of IP video

Intelligent, IP-based video is fast becoming an integral component of traffic management systems across the country. In 2011, the U.S. Department of Transportation released a comprehensive survey of ITS deployments indicating that the number of freeway miles covered by video surveillance increased from 15 percent in 2000 to 45 percent in 2010.

In recent years, advances in digital, IP video technology from Axis Communications have addedeven more functionality to today’s systems, including HDTV quality resolution, powerfulprocessors ready for advanced analytics and flexible, open IP standards. These features let trafficdepartments assemble best-in-class systems that can be controlled remotely over a fiber optic,Ethernet or wireless network.

The design of Axis cameras also makes installation simple and efficient, which is essential for high traffic areas, and the self-health assessment features of Axis Camera Management software helps reduce the number of trips needed to maintain the cameras. IP cameras such as the day/night AXIS P1355-E Network Camera maintain excellent image quality even in low-light conditions, and features like Wide Dynamic Range – Dynamic Capture in cameras like AXISQ1604-E Network Camera help fight glare from traffic lights, headlights and the sun. This produces clear, unobstructed images to aid police in investigations of accidents, crimes and other incidents.

“No one likes getting stuck in a traffic jam on the way to their favorite vacation spot,” said Anthony Incorvati, business development manager, Critical Infrastructure & Transportation for Axis Communications. “Using IP video as part of an ITS solution is another great example ofhow this technology is enabling a smarter, safer world.”

This press release was written by Axis Communications. Read the full press release about how Milestone manages traffic.

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