The new spin is spin-offs: Network Designs launches Ojo Technology

Solution providers put a new spin on the old problem of finding new business.

CRN (Computer Reseller News) online ran an article 11 July 2003 on Milestone partner Ojo Technology. Here's an excerpt:

The spin is spin-offs: wholly owned companies with entirely different business models that allow solution providers, especially those serving small businesses, to reach new sets of customers.

Take Network Designs & Integration Services. The Fremont, California-based IT solution provider has launched Ojo Technology, a new company that provides IP-based video surveillance solutions. Network Designs executives said the spin-off represents a way to differentiate their company from its competitors.

Mike Maddox, vice president of business development, says: "We started to look around for specializations to establish expertise where we could add value and sell some products... being a specialist, identifying opportunities, proposing solutions and implementing them. We did get Cisco Systems wireless LAN specialization to maintain our Premier Plus status, but we knew something better had to be out there."

The answer: IP-based video surveillance solutions. Network Designs CEO Angie Wong said they considered several criteria in choosing that market. The company wanted to build on its expertise in networking.

"We can leverage our existing experience in the network world and drive sales in traditional products such as hubs, switches, routers, firewalls, systems and storage," Wong said. "It will also drive sales of wireless products because the cameras can be connected via wireless networks."

See the full article here:
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