Strix Systems offers wireless mesh solution with Milestone XProtect software

Pre-tested for fully distributed IP video surveillance.

24 August 2007 – Strix Systems, the leader in high-performance wireless mesh networking, has announced its IP Video Surveillance Solution Set, which is based on the Strix Access/One® Outdoor and Indoor Wireless Systems.  It includes pre-tested IP video surveillance products from Milestone Systems, Dotworkz, and IQinVision, which have been certified “Wireless Mesh Ready”.  This makes it easier for integrators to build a successful, fully distributed IP video surveillance system.

“Strix developed a Solution Set for the IP video surveillance market because we’ve seen a need to make it easier to implement networked systems,” said Kirby Russell, Director of Product Marketing at Strix Systems.  “Many in the wireless mesh network business don’t understand the techniques of implementing video surveillance.  By ensuring that all elements of a distributed IP video surveillance solution interoperate, not just the cameras, we’ve eliminated many of the unknowns in building a fully distributed system.”

Freed from the constraints of wired video surveillance systems, customers who employ Strix Access/One solutions can locate cameras, video servers, storage clusters, and other “Wireless Mesh Ready” network elements wherever they are needed—on buildings, on power or telephone poles, in railway cars, and more.  Because distributed systems do not require centralized servers, a video surveillance solution based on the Strix Solution Set will not have a single point of failure, as traditional video surveillance systems do. 

Milestone is “Wireless Network Ready”
Strix’s “Wireless Mesh Ready” certification program makes it easier for systems integrators and others to build a distributed IP video surveillance system with confidence.  All the components are stress-tested in labs before they are certified to support the native throughput, latency, and failover characteristics, and to work together with all other certified and interoperable equipment in the Strix solution. 

The following products are currently Strix certified:

  • The XProtect™ family of open platform IP video management software for fully distributed IP surveillance networks by Milestone Systems
  • The IQeye family of high-performance megapixel day/night network cameras from IQinVision: the new IQeye Sentinel Series , IQeye Vandal Dome Network Camera,  IQVerify complete Video Alarm Verification System and IQeye Event Recording Systems
  • Dotworkz “Sidekick” wireless video surveillance packages,  new D2 Outdoor Camera housing, encoders and Managed IP Video Services from DotWorkz Systems
    Best-of-Breed Solution

“Strix has developed a novel approach that ensures systems integrators can build a best-of-breed IP video surveillance system based on the leading video management and wireless mesh architectures,” says Eric Fullerton, President, Milestone Systems Inc.  “Our XProtect products can scale with the Strix architecture to support powerful surveillance systems for any size business or large metropolitan areas.”

The ability to choose from a variety of the best products that are pre-tested by Strix lets integrators eliminate the time and expense of testing all elements of a solution and roll out services sooner.  In addition, all the elements of the Strix Solution Set offer bandwidth optimization, so they make the most efficient use of the Strix wireless mesh network. The architecture, with its multi-radio mesh network nodes, offers the backhaul—up to 100 Mbps per node—and low latency required by IP video, and enables cost-effective, incremental growth over time. 

“A networked architecture based on interoperable products is the way forward for IP video surveillance,” said Will Ferris, CEO of DotWorkz Systems.  “Strix outdoor wireless system architecture integrates seamlessly with our video surveillance solutions and is in use today for our municipal and public safety clients.” 

Systems built on Strix architecture do not require complicated proprietary hardware, complex cable connectivity, or dedicated monitors.  Existing network personnel can easily add cameras, as well as configure cameras and server components and make changes to the network from any location. 

Strix is currently certifying more products from other vendors of equipment and applications used in IP video surveillance networks.


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