Restaurant profits improve through network video

Internet Camera Solutions use Milestone software and Axis video hardware.

Internet Camera Solutions had a number of Seattle-based restaurant owners who needed advanced remote monitoring systems for their restaurants and bars. Although a few of the restaurants already had analog cameras in place, the owners needed a way to access the video feeds remotely, as well as to easily record and manage the images.

Internet Camera Solutions selected Axis video servers to digitize the video feeds from each restaurant's analog cameras. In addition, various Axis network cameras were added to the system to provide enhanced coverage. Milestone software was installed to enable the restaurant owners to easily manage and store the video.

With the Axis equipment in place, Internet Camera Solutions’ customers can view live images from their restaurants and bars via the Internet from anywhere in the world. This allows them to keep track of customer service practices and employee safety, or prevent theft and vandalism, without spending as much time in each restaurant.

"Network video also provides clients with a way to guard themselves and their businesses against waste, shrinkage, and frivolous lawsuits," explains Bruno Pirecki, Vice President and Managing Partner at Internet Camera Solutions, a U.S. an authorized partner of Milestone Systems.

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