Paxton Access releases Net2 v4 access control system

Net2 v4 features integration with Milestone IP video surveillance software

Brighton, UK, 12 January 2006:
Paxton Access Limited, a market leader in the design and manufacture of electronic access control systems, has released the latest version of Net2, its network access control solution.

"Leading a substantial list of innovations in Net2 v4 is our new trigger and action functionality," explains Adam Stroud, Paxton Access’ Sales and Marketing Director. "This enables users to link the Net2 software with a range of building services to generate specific actions as a result of trigger events. This will prove enormously popular with users and demonstrates our belief in the future of ‘intelligent integration’."

Potential applications for ‘trigger and action’ functionality are enormous. Examples include the ability to link lighting or heating systems to the entry of specific individuals into the building or the ability to notify security of alarm events via email or text message.

"Users could even have the lift called for them as they arrive through the main entrance", explains Adam Stroud.

A further innovation in Net2 v4 is ‘Site Graphics’, a feature that allows the user to ‘place’ all doors and cameras onto a visual representation of the user’s site imported into the Net2 software. This means that security staff can swiftly identify the location of an alarm event and double click on the camera associated with it to view live images of what is occurring at the relevant door. This reduces the level of staff training required and reduces the need for security personnel to know the building intimately. Also, if security staff need to leave the screen unattended for any reason staff can set ‘monitor doors’. Any events that occur at these specified doors while staff are away from the screen remain visible on screen until staff return and turn off the monitoring function.

Net2 v4 also features integration with Milestone Systems’ IP video surveillance software. This facilitates the viewing of time and location-linked video of subjects entering the building directly from the Net2 systems event log. Net2 events that are associated with an IP camera show an additional icon beside the event. To view what has caused an alarm, simply double click the icon and view the footage saved in the Milestone software. The system is also invaluable in gathering evidence in the event of a subsequent prosecution. Milestone XProtect Enterprise and Milestone XProtect Professional software are compatible with Net2 v4.

Net2 v4 is based on SQL technology providing the speed, robustness and concurrent user capacity required by large organisations. The new version also features a new user interface featuring XP-style menus and icons. All of the new features are included in Net2’s intuitive standard software that is supplied free of charge.

About Net2
Net2 is a network based access control system that provides central administration of users’ access rights and systems parameters and can manage up to several hundred doors. Multiple sites can be networked over TCP/IP making Net2 ideal for large organisations or third-party monitoring companies. Net2 is installed at a variety of large locations throughout the UK including sports stadia, public sector buildings, such as hospitals and schools, and large commercial sites.

About Milestone Systems
Milestone Systems is the leading global developer of software for true IP-based video surveillance management, operating on standard Windows platforms. 

About Paxton Access Limited

Paxton Access is a market leader in the design and manufacture of access control systems. In terms of doors secured each year, Paxton Access has the highest market share of networked access control systems in the UK. Paxton Access’ success is derived from two key achievements. A consistently high level of engineering excellence ensures the design and manufacture of intelligent, intuitive and innovative products that are acclaimed by their users. Complementing this, Paxton Access is passionate about customer service and is especially keen to receive feedback from customers and users. Confident about its reputation, Paxton Access posts feedback comments daily on its website. Established in 1987 and based in East Sussex in the UK, Paxton Access systems are sold through its distribution network throughout the UK and continental Europe, Japan and the Middle East. Paxton Access is the largest supplier of Access Control systems to the UK’s three leading access control distributors: Norbain SD, Gardiner Security and Advanced Access. Paxton Access is privately owned and has been profitable every year since 1993.