On-the-Record with Henrik Friborg Jacobsen

Milestone VP and Co-Founder is interviewed in May IP Focus Magazine.

The May 2006 issue of IP Focus magazine came out right at the time of the big IFSEC security show in the UK. The editors interviewed Milestone's Henrik Friborg about how the IP convergence is progressing.

Q: How do you see the IP networking market developing in the short and long term?

A. Milestone has been doing IP video surveillance software since ’99 so we can see things in a historic perspective. Year on year we have seen the customer’s and installers’ IP acceptance increasing. Today nobody questions the fact that IP is the future technology for video systems. A further change has happened during the last year, where the market has really started to take off and many of the largest projects are specified for IP – this is especially noteworthy in the US and in Asia. Clearly we will be seeing this in the UK and the rest of Europe as well. In the long term there is really no limit to where the market can go. We are not only seeing a convergence in the existing surveillance market, but also other markets emerging with completely new applications of video.

In the attached PDF of the full article, you can see his insights and responses to the following questions, among others:

- Where is Milestone Systems’ place in the market?
- What plans does Milestone Systems have to help installers make the jump?
- How can traditional security/CCTV installers win contracts against IT integrators?
- Where do the UK and Europe sit with IP in regards to the rest of the world?
- How do UK installers and consultants compare to those in other countries (a) in their general
  skills level and (b) in their attitude to IP?
- What other countries are big potential areas for IP?
- How long will it be before IP penetrates the access control and intruder alarm sectors in the
  same way as it has with CCTV?
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