Milestone Software Catches the Thief

Burglary solved with video images shown to the police.

On the night of 28 August 2000, a burglar broke into the premises of Milestone Systems, not having checked very closely to see what kind of business it was. Naturally, the international developers of digtal video surveillance software have their offices well equipped with network cameras running their software. The thief's face was clearly recorded on the network video cameras, so the police investigating the scene of the crime the next day were able to recognize him right away. This case was solved in record time!

COPENHAGEN 28 August 2000 - A burglar sneaking into a company in the suburbs of Copenhagen one night last week really made a dumb move when he chose to break into the premises of Milestone Systems, an international IT software developer.

If the thief had investigated his target better and not just been tempted by the computer equipment he could see on the desks through the windows, he would have avoided his own undoing. He would have known that the company’s products are used for – security surveillance against thefts!

The next morning, when a pair of policemen came to Milestone to write up the burglary report, the company was immediately able to deliver to them a number of perfectly sharp images of the thief in action. And this, in an easy digital video format that can be viewed on any PC.

"We know that guy!" the policeman proclaimed. "Got him red-handed now."
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