IP Revitalizes Existing Surveillance Applications

ASmag.com interviews Axis General Manager Fredrik Nilsson.

"An IP-surveillance application creates digitized video streams that are transferred via a wired or wireless IP network, enabling monitoring and video recording as far away as the network reaches, as well as enabling integration with other systems such as access control. In the last three years, IP digital-surveillance products, including network cameras, video servers and DVRs, have emerged. Scalability and cost effectiveness are two prominent benefits that IP surveillance brings.

Fredrik Nilsson, general manager of Axis Communications US Inc points to scalability as the one that high end-users often cite as most impressive. Axis regularly sees requests for 200 and 300 plus camera installations-the largest to date is 1,300 cameras - some of which have been in high-security installations such as international airports and prisons. IP-surveillance, in his opinion, has proven that there is no problem in meeting enterprise-level demands."

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