CCTV Enters the Network Age

Security International magazine article by Henrik Friborg, Milestone VP.

The magazine Security International ran an article in their December 2002 issue written by Henrik Friborg, Co-Founder and VP Partner Relations for Milestone Systems.

"Due to the problems with the (analog) VCR, many users today are installing digital video recorders (DVR's) instead. In a DVR, a digital storage media, such as a computer-like hard drive, is used for storing recordings. The most recent recording overwrites the oldest, allowing uninterrupted and continuous recording. Often, the video recordings can be transferred to a (digital data) tape for archiving purposes if required... With a DVR, digital storage of video results in no quality loss (as opposed to video stored on traditional videotapes), and the required manual interaction has been reduced, thus resulting in a lower overall cost... This (approach), along with network camera technology, has made it possible to offer "Network Based CCTV" - a complete and full featured video surveillance solution using only standard computers and network components... As we have seen with many other technologies during the last decades, there is no doubt among the manufacturers in the industry that the influence of the IT world will continue, and ultimately completely change CCTV technology as we know it today."
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