Ask the Experts: IP-Addressable Video Technology

Industry experts speak out in Security Technology & Design magazine.

A roundtable discussion featuring CCTV, IP and security experts published in the January 2005 issue of ST&D magazine includes input from Henrik Friborg, Co-Founder and VP Strategic Partner Relations at Milestone Systems.

Steve Lasky, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief at Cygnus Publishing, writes in the introduction to the article:

"The most dynamic area of growth in the security industry over the past decade has been CCTV and surveillance. Not only has the double-digit revenue driven this market to unparalleled heights, but the CCTV technology available has evolved beyond the devices imaginable five short years ago. Industry sales vaulted from analog technology to digital almost overnight, and has since migrated to IP-addressable and Web-based systems just as quickly. All this growth has left many users and integrators taking cover as one technology explosion after another changes the face of the CCTV world they once knew."

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