Security Innovation Awards Bronze Medal: Leading technology providers unite to secure Lady Liberty

Milestone XProtect software protects the most important American symbol of democracy, freedom and promise: The Statue of Liberty.

Standing more than 300 feet tall from ground to torch, the Statue of Liberty symbolizes America and its values of democracy, freedom and promise. It has welcomed immigrants in search of the American dream, soldiers returning home from war and visitors to these shores for more than 100 years. Roughly four million people visit the monument and Ellis Island each year to step back through time and experience more than a century of American history.

Historic monument enters the security digital age

Total Recall designed, specified and supervised the last major security system overhaul for the Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island in 1999, with the latest upgrade made in 2004. The 2013 surveillance deployment marks the first time an all-digital surveillance system has been installed at the monument. Previously, Liberty Island was covered by an analog CCTV system. Phase 1 of the project, now completed, covers the entire perimeter of Liberty Island, as well as the park’s security screening facilities and all 377 steps leading up to Lady Liberty’s crown.

The complete system redesign involved migrating from analog CCTV to IP-based digital video technology with the deployment of more than 150 network cameras. 

One of the key benefits of the new IP-based system has been the seamless integration of the many technologies. While there are a lot of capabilities, everything runs off Milestone’s single integrated platform XProtect corporate video management software (VMS). Chosen for its flexibility and scalability, Milestone XProtect can grow consistently with the needs of the Park Service and its partners.

With the old system, users had to log on to different software platforms for different cameras, making the task cumbersome and time consuming. The XProtect VMS allows personnel with the required security credentials to not only access the system, but also view synchronized playback of multiple cameras. The new network cameras were strategically deployed to provide various perspectives of the same scene, and the RGB Spectrum media processor with XProtect Smart Wall add-on provides the ability to present different layouts on the screen, from a single large camera display to a mosaic of 30-plus cameras.

The Milestone software has been particularly helpful for routine reviews. Operators are able to check the health of the system at the start of each shift, and to easily pull up all interior cameras with one click to check for any lingering visitors at closing time.

Ready to respond – with intelligent video and instant synopsis

In the event of an unfortunate incident, the new IP system is configured to make video easier to search and share. BriefCam’s unique video synopsis software solution, which searches for changes in the video, enables law enforcement and security personnel to review hours of surveillance video in minutes. The Milestone Mobile client enables handheld mobile devices to push information or video out to decision makers or first responders in other locations. It also provides the ability to react faster to an incident by pushing information or video back to dispatch at the central command center.

Top command officials in Washington, D.C. will soon be able to view what’s happening live and help with any critical decisions during an incident. This two-way communication will be used for informational purposes, such as during a demonstration or protest for real-time monitoring.

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