OPTEX to Showcase Advanced Auto PTZ Tracking and Response Solutions

OPTEX, Milestone Systems, and The Hawkeye Effect Combine to Provide Unprecedented Intrusion Detection and Response.

OPTEX, Milestone, and The Hawkeye Effect Combineto Provide Unprecedented Intrusion Detection and Response

Chino, CA, September 13, 2013—OPTEX will be demonstrating at ASIS 2013 an advancedsecurity solution that gives end users unprecedented capabilities in tracking and responding tointruders through tight integration of OPTEX’s Redscan laser detector, Milestone XProtect®video management software, and RedHawk software from The Hawkeye Effect. The integratedsolution not only allows precise auto PTZ tracking and response, but also provides a mappingcapability that tracks objects in real time.

“Integration is a key to achieving the best security,” says Mac Kokobo CEO at OPTEX. “Eachcompany brings specific expertise and industry leadership to security applications. But the realpower is seen when you combine and integrate the various capabilities into a single solution.Thanks to our Redscan laser detector, Milestone’s open platform, the IP video cameras, andThe HawkEye Effect geo-spatial mapping together bring unmatched levels of intruder detection,tracking, and response.

”The Redscan laser detector can be seamlessly integrated into the Milestone XProtect VMS,including defined zones and events codes, so that PTZ cameras can be triggered to view theintrusion. Other responses, such as alarms, access control lockdowns, or security lighting, canbe defined on a zone-by-zone basis.

“The Milestone Integration Platform (MIP) architecture enables this combined solution withOPTEX and The Hawkeye Effect, providing unique new tools for taking action. We value thestrong partnership between us to deliver innovative technology to customers in the securityindustry,” says Reinier Tuinzuing, Strategic Alliance Manager, Americas, for Milestone Systems.

By adding RedHawk geo-spatial software from The Hawkeye Effect, users achieve a new levelof visualization and automatic tracking and response to the security system by using GPS datato create a visual representation of the facility—an actual map based on satellite or aerialphotos, architectural plans, or similar. RedHawk software converts the X-Y data from Redscan,assigning GPS coordinates to each target in real time, so that an object’s movement can betracked on the map. RedHawk then tasks cameras through XProtect to stay locked on thetarget’s GPS position. Even if the security camera’s view is compromised—by environmentalconditions such as difficult lighting—the auto-tracking from the RedHawk/Redscan combinationshows the exact physical location of the intruder in relation to the mapped area.“

By using the data from the OPTEX Redscan detector, we can provide geo-spatial informationthat brings a new level of visualization to security operations,” says Jeff Blair, CEO of TheHawkEye Effect. “Security personnel gain better situational awareness with the bird’s eye viewthat automatically tracks an intruder on a map of the area. The result is a new tool to increasethe effectiveness of security monitoring and the ability to respond efficiently."

Visit Optex (Booth 1329) at ASIS 2013, September 24 through 26, to see a live demonstrationof the advanced security made possible through the integration of Redscan, XProtect, andRedHawk.

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