SoleraTec to showcase affordable long-term video surveillance retention at IFSEC Expo

Part of Milestone’s booth at IFSEC, This complete solution highlights Spectra Logic Data Tape Libraries preserving recorded video, while Phoenix RSM provides quick and easy search and playback.

Birmingham, UK –IFSEC Expo, May 14, 2012– SoleraTec LLC, a provider of innovative video lifecycle management and storage management software, has partnered with Milestone and Spectra Logic to deliver the most affordable long-term video retention solution. Visit the Milestone booth, Hall 4 Stand F90, at the IFSEC Expo in Birmingham, UK, for a complete demonstration of this integrated solution.

Phoenix RSM-ME (Milestone Extension) is a powerful tool which compliments Milestone's ability to archive video feeds, manage long-term retention capabilities, and deliver overall surveillance video management. Developed by SoleraTec, Phoenix RSMME provides real-time video storage policy management along with multi-tier storage resource management to replicate captured video from the Milestone recording server database. This video is then stored on Spectra Logic’s LTO data tape library for longterm storage at significant cost savings.

“Providing a compelling, easy-to-use, affordable, yet professional video surveillance management solution is our top focus. By teaming with Spectra Logic and Milestone, any organization that needs longer-term video retention can now trust a seamlessly integrated long-term video management system," said Mark Armstrong, CEO of SoleraTec.

By utilizing the near-line and offline video storage capabilities of the Spectra Logic family of digital data tape libraries, this solution provides an affordable long-term video retention solution for customers needing to retain surveillance video from four months to four years and beyond.

“The nice thing is that we are seeing these two companies combine their technologies for an exponentially innovative solution that supports the storage from our video management software. This lifts the Milestone open platform concept to another level of cost-saving benefits for customers,” said Martin Friis-Mikkelsen, head of strategic alliances at Milestone Systems.

Within a Milestone VMS environment, Phoenix RSM-ME integrates multiple storage resources such as hard disk and data tape libraries. Initially capturing video on a traditional hard disk drive and then moving that video to less expensive storage devices, such as near-line and offline data tape libraries provides the most cost-efficient answer to long-term retention needs. When integrating multiple storage tiers to expand video retention, there are significant cost savings in stark contrast to the high price for harddisk- only system.

“A number of factors are driving the use of video surveillance including the threat of terrorism, overall crime and theft, and the convergence from analog to digital. These trends create a huge opportunity for the storage industry, which is tasked with properly storing and retaining the data contained within the video,” said Brian Grainger, vice president of worldwide sales, Spectra Logic. “Spectra Logic’s libraries allow companies to preserve surveillance video while meeting long-term retention and accessibility requirements.”

With the Phoenix RSM-ME video surveillance software –partnered with a Spectra Logic data tape library sitting behind a Milestone’s VMS system– to store high quality video footage for months or even years at a fraction of the cost to that of using an enterprise hard disk only system. This scalable architecture allows customers to “pay-as-you-grow” as video retention needs expand.

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