Marrying technology and operator competence to provide an integrated security solution

A well-designed control room is the pivot on which all other elements of a truly integrated security system balance. However, it requires experience, intuition and expertise to achieve the correct balance of technology and human element.

Francois Malan, managing director of Camsecure – a projects-based security technology solutions company – said: “Many so-called systems integration companies put the various components of technology into a control room installation without seeing if they can successfully interact with each other. The components need to fit the client’s checklist and, at the same time, the systems integrator should confirm interoperability of the sub-systems for ease of use by the operators. Ultimately, you are designing the system to make the operator’s job easier to do, rather than complicating issues for them.”

When Camsecure was founded eight years ago, it was forced to very quickly find a solution to an IT client’s security issues by stepping outside the box.

“IP technology was in its infancy in 2003, but we immediately saw this as the perfect platform on which to base a future-oriented security solution for the client, who insisted on networked video surveillance and recording,” said Mr Malan.

Camsecure approached leading IP camera manufacturer, Axis and the leading provider of IP video management software, Milestone, to tailor a network-based system.

Interestingly, the growth experienced by Camsecure since its inception closely parallels that of these two globally recognised pioneer organisations.

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