Milestone software protecting premises at Brampton Manor Academy

A case study of how some 112 IP cameras and 33 legacy analogue video cameras help teachers manage more than 1500 pupils at an east London school.

During the £10m refurbishment of the main Brampton Manor Academy building in 2009, the new headmaster, Dr Dayo Olukoshi, was keen to extend the CCTV coverage at Brampton Manor Academy.

The aim: to help protect the new facilities and provide staff with greater knowledge of and control over student behaviour. Although enclosed by high fencing, CCTV inside the main school building was only partial up to that point. A total of 33 cameras streamed to digital recorders which recorded 30 days of video images, mainly focused on doorways and emergency exits. The headmaster worked with the academy’s director of finance and administration Graham Glass, who is also the facilities manager. Dr Olukoshi took the view that it was important to extend surveillance into all school corridors and throughout the new multi-million pound media centre and 300-seat theatre which could otherwise have become a target for theft or vandalism.


Milestone XProtect Enterprise 8.0C IP video management software now provides viewing, recording and analysis of high resolution, HD-quality images at up to 25 frames per second from 112 Axis, Sanyo, Mobotix and Arecont Vision IP cameras, plus the existing 33 Panasonic cameras. Images are transmitted via a dedicated Gigabit multi-mode fibre backbone to four comms rooms and one central server room. The server room holds three Dell servers and three RAID-5 arrays (two Dell Power Edge 1950 Dual Quad Core Xeon 4GB RAM; two serial attached SCSI Dell MD 1000 7.5TB RAID-5 arrays; 1x Dell R610 Dual Quad Core Xeon 4GB RAM; and one serial attached SCSI Dell MD1000 15TB RAID-5 array) offering redundancy and a total storage capacity of 30 Terabytes.

The servers contain XProtect Enterprise software which records, manages and enables viewing of the video images. The combined system provides near total coverage of the site and has the E6 school reports virtually eliminated bullying, vandalism, unauthorised entry into the school and theft of school property. All specification, installation and configuration work was by Middlesex-based Security Systems Technology Limited (SST).

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