Scallop Imaging Integrating D7-180 Camera with Milestone Systems’ IP Video Management Platform

Boston, June 22, 2011 -- Scallop Imaging, the leader in high resolution, digital video camera technology, and Milestone Systems today announced the full integration of Scallop Imaging’s D7-180 IP surveillance camera with Milestone’s release of Device Pack 5.5 on June 23, 2011. The integration will enable end users to more easily manage IP network-based video surveillance systems using D7-180 cameras, which use a staring array of five powerful sensors to provide a fully stitched, 180 degree view with seven megapixel resolution.

“Milestone Systems’ popular and widely-deployed open platform IP video management software, when integrated with the D7-180 camera, will help end users reduce costs, optimize processes, and protect people and assets,” said Peter Jones, president of Scallop Imaging. “We look forward to working with the Milestone team to make the deployment of the Milestone/Scallop Imaging combination convenient and seamless for our many customers that were anticipating this announcement.”

“Scallop Imaging’s D7-180 camera features high resolution, in a small form factor, at a reasonable cost and with low bandwidth requirements from the H.264 technology,” said Martin Friis-Mikkelsen, Head of Strategic Alliances at Milestone. “This is an ideal camera to support, and we’re pleased to make it possible for Milestone customers to deploy D7-180 cameras on our platform.”

About Scallop Imaging, Inc.
Scallop Imaging is a Division of Tenebraex Corporation, which was founded in 1992 and is located in Boston. Tenebraex develops and manufactures innovative optical products that solve real world problems. Scallop Imaging was formed to research, develop and manufacture video cameras based on the company’s innovative Distributed Imaging technology, where the outputs of multiple, small, but powerful sensors are stitched together in real-time within the camera. This allows incredible resolution in a small form factor, at reasonable cost and low bandwidth requirements. Scallop Imaging video surveillance cameras provide a seamless180 field of view, with seven megapixels of resolution.

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