Kewdale Milestone-Axis installation impresses Prime Minister

To protect staff, patrons and comply with Liquor Licencing Act, an effective solution was found for business management as well as security that's easy to use.
JUNE 7th, 2010 - Security Electronics & Networks, Australia.

Having been disappointed with analogue CCTV installations provided by other suppliers, the project managers of the newly re-developed Kewdale Tavern discussed options with Zenien engineers and consultants.  Zenien (a Milestone Advanced Certified Partner) used this opportunity to introduce the City of Belmont and Coxon Group (Kewdale Tavern) to the features in newly released versions of Milestone XProtect Video Management Software. 

Zenien designed a system based on Axis IP based cameras, connected via Power-over-Ethernet with a fibre optic backbone, Dell servers and storage solutions, and Milestone XProtect Enterprise 7.0. 

“The installation could not have gone smoother” commented Zenien technical director, Cameron Watts. 

Zenien set up a remote VPN connection to the servers and much of the configuration and system tweaking was done remotely, further reducing costs and decreasing time required on site. 

“Milestone XProtect was a pleasure to install and the new interface is fantastic. Having the ability to add cameras in only a few minutes was a godsend. The H.264 support of both Axis cameras and Milestone made bandwidth management and storage a breeze to plan and the new Milestone SmartClient 5.0 is exceptionally easy to use and provide training on,” said Watts. 

Zenien was delighted when the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Federal Minister of Home affairs Brendan O’Connor attended the launch event, and says both were impressed by the system and the installation.  Meanwhile, Kevin Davidson from the City of Belmont has also been pleased with the Milestone software and has since established Milestone as the preferred VMS for numerous other CCTV installations. 

Watts also lauded Milestone’s ability to interact with many systems to provide input, alerts and analytics. 

“Milestone’s alerting and interactivity with external systems is market leading. We can interface Milestone with intruder alarm systems, lighting control systems, building management and any other system that can be turned on or off when something changes,” he said. “Knowing that we can extend the Milestone software with a plethora of third party add-on modules and analytics provides us with huge scope – these installations will always fit changing client requirements.” 

The company plans to roll out more sites with Milestone integrated analytics abilities in the very near future. 

“Overall, the Kewdale Tavern project was a complete success, it re-enforced Milestone as Zenien’s video management suite of choice, produced elated clients, will be easily scaled for future requirements, came in well under budget and is a project that we are proud of,” said Zenien director, Dennis Graesslin.

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