OnSSI introduces NetEVS software suite: Enhances intelligent IP video management

Distributed network video recorder broadens operational management and control.
Pearl River, NY (July 8th, 2009) – Taking intelligent IP video surveillance to the next level, On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (OnSSI), the security industry’s leading developer of professional IP video surveillance solutions, today introduced a new Distributed Network Video Recorder (NVR) .  NetEVS, is a comprehensive system-wide recording and management solution that dramatically reduces the complexity of managing edge devices, hardware, networking and user rights by implementing a single, system-wide management application.  It is one of the recorders offered in the OnSSI Ocularis™ Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) product line.

“The introduction of NetEVS extends OnSSI’s demonstrated ability to deliver reliable, intelligent video management solutions.  NetEVS is a comprehensive system-wide solution for enterprise-level, intelligent IP video surveillance,” said Gadi Piran, President and CTO of OnSSI. "With the broader management and operational control enabled by NetEVS, and compliance with the IPv6 internet protocol, customers are able to more effectively leverage and protect their investment for the future. NetEVS users will benefit from Ocularis’ intuitive advanced user interface, alerting system, and investigative tools.”

NetEVS was developed to maximize the efficiency of intelligent IP video surveillance systems. Utilizing a recording system component from Milestone,  video from an unlimited number of cameras, recorded on any NetEVS recording server – at any site – can be monitored, investigated and shared among multiple operators via the patent-pending Ocularis Client, OnSSI’s high-performance video client for desktop and control center video wall settings. Ocularis Client’s unique investigative tools, including the revolutionary Time Slicer and Motion Slicer, add significant value to the various recording systems integrated under the Ocularis Platform. Multiple unicast and multicast networks, all leading manufacturers’ cameras, and all popular video formats including MPEG-4, MJPEG, and H.264 are supported.

Fundamental to the design of NetEVS is its central management of recording servers and edge-devices. Based on intuitive rules and wizards, the NetEVS Central Management Server application enables configuring camera definitions, output actions and video storage locations for cameras connected to multiple NetEVS recorders, as well as user access rights, quickly and simultaneously from a single management interface. This eliminates the need to manage each recording server individually, dramatically reducing the management complexity and lowering the total cost of ownership for large, enterprise-scale IP-video systems. Simplicity and elegance is also evident when changes are implemented to the system, as NetEVS is designed to automatically scan the entire camera network or IP address range to identify new or modified devices.

NetEVS’ intelligent detection and delivery features allow for filtered video streams of events and exceptions delivered only to parties of interest, enabling the handling of video from large camera arrays. Edge devices can be configured for multiple actions such as automatically generated, on-event push-video alerts; and alarms or notifications can be assigned to specific events or pre-scheduled. To further maximize efficiency, an optional software development kit (SDK) enables seamless integration with video content analytics, access control, fire alarm, POS and other physical security and IT systems.

All configuration data is stored in a dedicated SQL database and all management operations, including system configurations, event definitions, audits, rules and alerts are regularly logged by the NetEVS management server, with local off-line log caching.

“As more organizations adopt intelligent IP video surveillance solutions, the NetEVS recording and management system effectively addresses the challenge of optimal use of resources,” adds Mr. Piran. “With NetEVS, OnSSI is making it even easier for our enterprise-class customers to deploy, use and manage IP-based video surveillance.”

For more information on OnSSI, call 845-732-7900, e-mail info@onssi.com or visit www.onssi.com.

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