In the Land of IP - with Milestone

At the Milestone Integration Platform Symposium, they came to hear about the IP market and where it’s headed, and they didn’t go away disapppointed.
by Deborah O’Mara, editor, Security Dealer and Integrator magazine
Sure, it was cold. Sure, there was snow in Las Vegas. But it didn’t matter one bit for the 60-plus partners in attendance at the Milestone Integration Platform Symposium 2009. They came to hear about the IP market and where it’s headed, and they didn’t go away disapppointed, because as we all know, IP is growing. It might not be next year, or even the year after that, but soon Internet protocol cameras will saturate the market and the Milestone integrators will be ready.
There were many new faces looking to get a piece of this growing pie and rightly so. There’s tons of business out there, especially analog users who may soon upgrade, and if these integrators do their jobs and can espouse all the virtues of video management, especially the Milestone open protocol platform, they’ll certainly find the sweet spot in business everyone dreams of. Of course there are obstacles, like the lack of standards, training, sales skills, and yes, this darned economy. But it will grow and many are getting ready to grow with it.

Jim Rounsville, president of Network Management Corp. in North Highlands, Calif. comes from the IT side of the business and he focuses on network management. William Groves, president and chief operations officer of NAVCO in Anaheim, Calif., comes from the security side of the fence. He purchased an IT company to gain expertise. These two groups are co-existing, partnering, acquiring–poised for the future.

There was enthusiasm in the air, perhaps it was hope, but it was there. They even smiled bravely when the above photo was taken out in the cold Las Vegas air. They know they have a good partner in Milestone, a company that knows what they need and delivers and most importantly, promises to never sell direct. And that’s just why they have become Milestone Partners.

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