Bulgarian Ministry of Justice has future-proof IP security.

Milestone XProtect software upgrades with ACTi cameras.
The Bulgarian Ministry of Justice upgraded their analog CCTV system to IP surveillance based on Milestone Systems’ open platform video management software and ACTi network cameras for a future-proof, scalable solution.

The Ministry of Justice in Bulgaria is a government institution with several classified areas that require close monitoring for tight security. They decided to switch from their old analog CCTV system to an IP video solution to be on the forefront with this technology and to ensure the best long-term return on their security investment.  They installed a future-proof solution with ACTi network cameras and Milestone XProtect™ IP video management software that can easily handle ongoing expansions and integration with other security systems and devices.

The Ministry’s expansion capabilities would have been quite limited with the previous analog CCTV system.  Moreover, they realized that the open platform Milestone IP video software would allow them to integrate with other technological innovations as they are introduced in the marketplace, like IP access control, analytics for perimeter or object detection, biometrics, and more.

ACTi's partner SECTRON signed a maintenance and modernization contract with the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice. They chose Milestone XProtect Professional software because it supports the widest selection of IP cameras to provide freedom of choice for best-of-breed surveillance solutions.  This software has the user interface for viewing live or recorded video, and the database that archives images for fast and easy searching or export of evidence to share with authorities.

SECTRON replaced the old surveillance cameras at the Ministry with ACTi CAM-5320 D&N IP box cameras and CAM-6610 D&N IP speed domes, chosen for their full D1 resolution that ensures good quality video images.  The ACTi CAM-6610 is also equipped with high quality Sony ExView HAD CCD, which is far superior to the mainstream CCDs used by most manufacturers today.  Since ACTi products are fully supported by Milestone XProtect software, the Ministry was assured that the new cameras could be implemented in the existing system without any problems.

The Ministry of Justice security staff and system operators report that the newly added ACTi cameras produce much higher quality images compared to the old ones. The CAM-6610 IP speed dome mounted on the front of the building gives very clear images with the ability to read car number plates and other useful details.

A further upgrade is planned with additional ACTi box cameras for some important areas indoors throughout the building.  In this Bulgarian project, the Milestone-ACTi solution once again proves the advantages of IP technology for surveillance systems: easy expandability combined with high video quality for optimal security.

ACTi Corporation is a technology leader in IP surveillance, focusing on security market segments. ACTi's technology innovations in JPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 empower ACTi's worldwide partners and customers to enjoy high quality video performance from VGA to megapixel resolution at minimum bandwidth.  ACTi partners with distributors and application developers worldwide, with flexible customization offerings to accommodate different business models.  Learn more at www.acti.com.
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