Stratus Technologies provides simple and unique redundant system solutions, proving the highest level of availability. Redundant systems can be side by side or in different locations. Stratus’ simple virtualization allows multiple VMs to transparently run on the redundant hardware.

For over 30 years, Stratus Technologies has been a leader in providing computer platforms with 99.999% or more availability, by offering complete redundancy where anything can fail in the redundant system, and application software keeps running without interruption.
Stratus now offers a broad range of solutions where redundant servers can be packaged in a single system or can be set up using two separate single servers which may be co-located or installed in separate locations.
Stratus’ redundant, zero down-time systems are used to run Xprotect at many airports, US Navy ships, hospitals, casinos, Oil company plants and many other places where a video security system needs to be very highly available.
Stratus is Head Quartered in Maynard Massachusetts and has a world-wide presence with major customers all over the world. Stratus partners with companies like Milestone in order to bring certified, very high availability solutions, to market.
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