Rasilient Systems

Rasilient Systems purpose-built, VMS agnostic technologies allow you to use forensic-grade IP surveillance for various applications. We demand the ultimate surveillance quality and reliability from our products to protect your organization’s interests.

Rasilient Systems is the world’s leading provider of IP video surveillance and storage systems purposely architected for IP video data. Its systems have been installed worldwide since 2001 in places that demand ultimate video surveillance quality and reliability. They include museums, city and federal government offices, aerospace contractors, financial institutions, education establishments and coliseums.
Accreditations and awards
3 accreditation(s) and award(s)

CIO Review

CIO Review Most Promising Video Surveillance Solution Provider 2018

Security Today Govies

Platinum Govies awarded for Video Analytics and Video Surveillance Data Storage

Security Today New Product of the Year

Security Today New Product of the Year 2018 awarded for Video Surveillance Data Storage