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ORBNET SYSTEMS LTD is a UK based security systems integrator company which mainly focuses on video surveillance solutions and custom software development.

ORBNET SYSTEMS are a UK based security system integration company focused on video surveillance solutions and custom software developments.

ORBNET SYSTEMS leadership team comprises Edward Cutts - formerly working as a Milestone Solution Engineer, managing many Milestone technology deployments for
... global organisations, and Eric Bourque - a two-time nominated Milestone Kick-Starter software engineer.

This combined industry experience equates to 14 years in the Surveillance and Milestone eco-systems, as a company we have a unique insight to identify and solve problems in video surveillance and thus produce software solutions with a global reach.

We specialise in video streaming protocols, radar technology, surveillance drones, alarm security systems, access control and cloud integrations.

Further ORBNET SYSTEMS solutions are soon to hit the Milestone Marketplace once verified. In the meantime, visit our website to see our products and contact us if you have any further questions.

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Milestone Gold Partner

Gold Partners are certified in the design, installation and configuration of Milestone products. They can sell the full range of Milestone products and are capable of handling projects of moderate complexity.

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Milestone Certification

Milestone tested and validated our solution services for compatibility with Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS). We also have employees who are certified to work with Milestone IP Surveillance Systems.

Milestone Certified

Design Engineers


Milestone Certified Design Engineers (MCDE) are certified to design highly-complex Milestone IP surveillance systems.

Milestone Certified

Integration Technicians


Milestone Certified Integration Technicians (MCIT) have the proven ability to install and configure moderately complex XProtect Advanced VMS installations with 100-500 cameras.