Nevalabs® is a high technology company focused on face and object/scene recognition software. Our mission is making cities, systems, and applications smarter and safer.

Nevalabs Software and Information Technologies Inc. is a high technology company established in 2015 in İstanbul to initially provide homeland security solutions. Today, we are proud to be one of the pioneers of deep learning-based face recognition systems, providing high accuracy rate solutions. Corvo® Identify, Access, and Verify are three pillars of the Nevalabs' product family Corvo. In addition to the homeland security area, Nevalabs provides face and object/scene recognition solutions for various industries like telecommunication and banking.
Accreditations and awards
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Nevalabs received Excellent Innovative Solution Award

Huawei honored Nevalabs by "Excellent Innovative Solution Award" for the highly accurate and robust central face recognition and alarm management software Corvo Identify.