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A cyber solution for the physical security systems and network.

Nelysis provides cyber security solutions for Physical Security and Control Systems networks.
Nelysis offers innovative solutions, a critical layer of cyber security, to protect network infrastructure and assets.
Nelysis’s Vanguard solution provides a complete solution to reduce risk created by
... external and insider attackers while minimizing operational downtime.
The Vanguard is an end-to-end holistic system that is written and designed to the physical security systems and network, with an in-depth understanding of network’s and device’s behavior, and ease of use for the physical security staff.
The Vanguard system is a complete cyber security and monitoring solution for security man, whose ongoing operation does not require networks or cyber protection knowledge, any warning appears on the XProtect Smart Client as a further cyber protection module alerts (whether malfunctions or image processing) – that means, smooth and simple yet active and full protection operation.

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