MED - Mediateknik

With one foot in security and one in broadband services Mediateknik takes CCTV to a new level.

Located in a small town on the swedish south west coast, Mediateknik has been delivering advanced technology since 1973.

Mediateknik is a professional CCTV installer and operator, but the main difference from its competitors is that Mediateknik is also an Internet provider with own cloud
... technology.

80% of all CCTV equipment delivered by Mediateknik is hosted in their own datacenter situated in Varberg. This means new directions in CCTV technology that gives their clients better security and availability and less local hardware installations.

Mediateknik works exclusively with Milestone and Axis since many years.

MED - Mediateknik
Gold Partner

Area of operation:


Milestone Channel Partner Level
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Milestone Gold Partner

Gold Partners are certified in the design, installation and configuration of Milestone products. They can sell the full range of Milestone products and are capable of handling projects of moderate complexity.


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Milestone Certification

Milestone tested and validated our solution services for compatibility with Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS). We also have employees who are certified to work with Milestone IP Surveillance Systems.

Milestone Certified

Design Engineers


Milestone Certified Design Engineers (MCDE) are certified to design highly-complex Milestone IP surveillance systems.

Milestone Certified

Integration Engineers


Milestone Certified Integration Engineers (MCIE) have the proven ability to install and configure complex XProtect Advanced VMS installations with 100-10,000 cameras.

Milestone Certified

Integration Technicians


Milestone Certified Integration Technicians (MCIT) have the proven ability to install and configure moderately complex XProtect Advanced VMS installations with 100-500 cameras.

Other certifications

Axis Development Partner
Axis Development Partner
SSF 1062 Certified Engineer - CCTV
Corresponds to system no 5 according to Annex D "Certification and related activities" in ISO, 1992 ISBN 92-67-10176-5.
Axis Certified Professional
Axis Certified Professional
Axis Authorized Partner
Axis Authorized Partner
MED - Mediateknik

Located at:


Härdgatan 20, 432 32 Varberg

Härdgatan 11, 432 32 Varberg
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MED - Mediateknik