Gorilla Technology

Gorilla is a global leader in Video Big Data and Analytics technology, which supports a wide range of video analytics technology including facial recognition and many more which can be applied to security intelligence, business intelligence and video content intelligence.

Our solution offerings has been focuses on smart surveillance, enterprise, retail, manufacture, hospital, home, city, homeland security and more.
In addition to managing over 35 petabytes of content across 5 continents and in multiple languages, Gorilla solves key Video Big Data related issues in international markets derived from the volume, velocity and variety of videos generated by real-world applications in vehicles, logistics, retail and the connected home with IoT applications.
Working with leading hardware and infrastructure partners such as Intel, EMC, Dell Lenovo, Axis, Bosch, Asus and Acer, Gorilla offers scalable end-to-end products and solutions. Gorilla works with regional partners for industry 4.0 related as well. In conjunction with data center and cloud infrastructure providers like Telstra, Gorilla provides a range of value-added services covering video and network intelligence, video management and delivery.
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Interop Best of Show - Gorilla IVAR

Gorilla’s IVAR emerged as a Grand Prix winner at the latest Interop Tokyo 2019.