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G2K Group | Bridging the gap between isolated raw data and true Business Value through AI-powered Situational Awareness.

The G2K (“Get to Know”) Group is a German software provider with the mission to be the worldwide leader in Situational Awareness, empowering clients to transform their data into value. The company is headquartered in Munich with global operations in metropolitan areas worldwide. Besides three Offices in Germany, including Berlin, subsidiaries are located in North America and the Middle East.

Situational Awareness is the core concept of G2K's business model. It describes the understanding of one’s environment by perception, comprehension and projection which allows for decisions and actions to optimize processes and increase efficiency leading to increasing revenues and reduced costs.

G2K has developed the Situational Awareness Builder (SAB), a scalable software solution that connects data from thousands of physical and digital touchpoints with artificial intelligence (AI) into one single IoT platform generating a holistic and centralized point of view with automated actions.
Accreditations and awards
5 accreditation(s) and award(s)

UN Consultative Status

G2K holds the trust seal "DC Trusted Company - Advisor to the United Nations" of the Diplomatic Council, a UN accredited diplomacy and business organisation.

Artificial Intelligence Seal of Quality

The Seal of Quality issued by the German Federal Association of Artificial Intelligence pursues the goal of ensuring a human-centered and human-serving use of artificial intelligence.

Sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

The FMER supports G2K as a member of a German-Austrian project consortium in the SmartIdentification project, which deals with the challenges of migration management in Austria and Germany.

Board member for Digitization and Innovation

The task of the BSKI is to identify security risks for critical infrastructures and their suppliers at an early stage and to reduce them through targeted prevention concepts.

Member of German Council of Shopping Centers

The German Council of Shopping Centers e.V. (GCSC) is the only association in Germany representing the interests of retail property owners.