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15 years performing research and development into video analytics-based perimeter security solutions. Our high level of specialisation made us experts, with more than 30% of our team devoted to developing new solutions with proprietary technology compatible with all existing security systems.

We specialise entirely in perimeter protection. We use artificial learning and intelligence technologies. We are there to advise you throughout the project.
We use highly sophisticated proprietary algorithms to provide unbeatably accurate and effective automatic monitoring and notification of
... actual threat detection so you can better protect your business, your property and your livelihood. CPNI certified.

Fully compatible: Proprietary technology, compatible with your existing hardware

Instant reaction: Manages more sites with fewer resources with quick, easy alarm control and verification

Share our know-how: Excellent, highly-committed technical service and remote support

Fully committed: We suggest the best solution and assist you throughout the project

Best choice for long distances: Perimeter surveillance solutions for critical infrastructures

Internationally renowned: More than 6,000 kms of perimeter monitored with channels installed in more than 40 countries worldwide

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Awards and recognition

We have been recognized with the following industry award(s)

i-LIDS Imagery Library for Intelligent Detection Systems
Primary monitoring system by the United Kingdom’s Home Office Scientific Development Branch, a primary detection system for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring applications.
ISO 9001