Ai-RGUS - Have the video you need when you need it

Even the best security cameras can produce useless images! Camera views suffer from blur,tilt, tamper, obstruction, glare, and feed down (OFF,or no network). AiRGUS, AI software, AUTOMATICALLY finds these problems & notifies you for when you need it the most! Protect your brand and reduce liability!

Ai-RGUS is AI-based software dedicated to Surveillance Camera View Wellness. It is our mission to ensure you can rely on your cameras to produce the security video you need when you need it the most!
Ai-RGUS is a spin-off of Duke University, and it all started because the CIO of Duke University, Tracy, and the Chief of Police, Chief Dailey, could not find a solution for their security camera problem; their security cameras were checked daily, but how would Tracy and Chief be sure that ALL cameras are checked without errors… it is a daunting, error prone, time consuming and therefore expensive task. They both looked at the market for solutions but couldn’t find any. Therefore, they approached their research PhD lab to find an alternative to manual inspection; Daniel and his team developed AI software that automatically uncovers such "quiet failures" of the cameras before they happen. It is used at Duke since 2017 on their 2000+ cameras and they insisted on commercializing Ai-RGUS.