Advancis Software & Services GmbH

Advancis is a global leader in open architecture command & control software for the integration, unification and management of safety, electronic security, building integration (smart building) and IoT devices with a strong emphasis on providing robust, well tested systems and excellent support.

Advancis was established in 1994 in order to build its first PSIM with the goal of unifying proprietary manufacturer systems for real time situational analysis and incident handling. WinGuard X1 was born.

Over 20 years later WinGuard is one of the market leading truly vendor neutral solutions around the globe offering fantastic stability and scalability but also open integration of any intelligent device or system for control room management.

WinGuard helps businesses reduce operational costs, significantly improve security and safety levels and streamline processes.

Advancis works very closely with a large community of technology partners to ensure full compatibility with their systems and to ensure that clients can choose best of breed technologies, without the risk and hidden costs of vendor lock in.

Who knows what the future requirements of integration will be? Because WinGuard is based on an open and modular structure it will meet these future challenges.