6SS is a modern video surveillance and security system that provides complete security solution that you need and deserve. from Software to Hardware to Professional Services and Training. All our products will integrate fully with the Milestone VMS.

6SS was Founded in 2013 with a Headquarters in Minnesota, USA and a major office in Lebanon serving the MEA region. 6SS is a modern video surveillance and security system has five major components, Surveillance, Switches, Servers. Software and Storage. The effectiveness of the entire security system, however, depends on a sixth element, for it is the combination of the Capability of these individual components combined with the Quality of their integration and the Level of training of the personnel who will monitor and run that system that ties everything together in order to provide you the complete security solution.

Since its inception, 6SS has been the exclusive MEA region training and professional services partner for Milestone Systems.

6SS is also a developer of Intelligent Software Solutions. We currently offer our comprehensive 6SS IVA video analytics solution as well as 6SS LPR. All of these will integrate fully with the Milestone VMS.
What do others say?
Sales Manager, Group Five
6SS LPR   November 30, 2019
"We have been installed 40 ANPR cameras "Avenues Mall Project". 6SS has been done the full integration between Honeywell cameras and Milestone VMS. The client selected 6SS comparing with two other companies because of the accuracy, very easy to integrate, reading Arabic plate number, recognize all the Gulf countries' plate numbers."
Technology Consultant , SA Tech FZCo
6SS LPR   October 29, 2019
"We have done several installation with 6ss team using their advanced performance LPR plug-in under Milestone environment with many success stories serving several clients across different verticals, and the finest thing about this product that it proved itself among others with the accuracy and meeting the customer and the market requirements, and they always keep making better and better"
Senior Engineer , Mannai Trading
6SS LPR   October 27, 2019
"I have deployed it in one of our sites and it works well. Accuracy experienced fine compared to other systems while reading Arabic plates. Easy to integrate with milestone.We should have a proper calculation on number of cars per day and the frequency, according to this needs to select the hardware and license."