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Milestone partner?

Access the Partner Learning Portal
to take free partner eLearning,
register for a Milestone class or take
a Milestone certification assessment

Milestone customer?

Access the Customer Learning
Portal to take free eLearning
courses on using XProtect® and
Milestone™ Husky products

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See how Milestone training helps drive your business results

Employee expertise drives business results

The mission of the Learning & Performance team is to empower the people in the Milestone community to perform on-the-job by growing their expertise in designing and implementing Milestone solutions. 


For our Partners:

Building the expertise of your team helps drive business results by ensuring you have the knowledge and skills needed to quickly and effectively specify and install Milestone solutions.


For our Customers:

Partner expertise helps our customers get the right solution to meet their needs, and also reduces project risk by ensuring Milestone certified partners have the proven knowledge and skill to do the job right.

What is available for partners?

In the Partner Learning Portal, partners with a My Milestone ID can access free eLearning, sign up
for an instructor-led training class and take an official Milestone certification assessment.


Free courses allow partners to become familiar with Milestone products. They are accessible 24/7 from your computer or tablet, and are localized in several languages.

    • Getting started series

    • Milestone Fundamentals covers basic concepts that are key to video management systems.
    • Getting Started with XProtect Professional covers the basics of installing and configuring our XProtect Professional VMS.
    • Getting Started with XProtect Smart Client covers basic configuration and use of the Smart client.
    • New feature series

    • Modules covering the new features that have been released throughout the year.
    • Milestone Husky series

    • Courses cover how to use the Milestone Husky products.
    • Certification assessments:

    • These online IT certification assessments validate the knowledge and skill needed to successfully perform on the job.  They are also required to progress in the Milestone Channel Partner Program. Diplomas are issued to individuals who pass the certification assessments, and are then made available in their profile

    • Milestone Certified Integration Technician (MCIT)
    • Milestone Certified Integration Engineer (MCIE)
    • Milestone Certified Design Engineer (MCDE)
    • Classroom learning:

    • Milestone teaches classes at locations around the world and in various languages. These classes support the transfer of knowledge to on-the-job performance through the use of checklists and job aids that learners can take with them to the field. You can locate and register for a class near you in the Partner Learning Portal.

    • Milestone Technical Configuration: Level 1

    • This 3-day lab workshop class gives learners an opportunity to walk through the process of configuring a moderately complex system with access to an expert instructor for guidance.
    • This class is a good way to learn many of the technical skills required to pass the MCIT certification test.

    • Milestone Technical Configuration: Level 2

    • This 3-day lab workshop class focuses on adding complexity and to configurations of advanced features.
    • This class helps learners prepare to pass the MCIE certification test.

    • Milestone Solution Design

    • This 2-day class uses a case study approach to walk through the Milestone Solution Design Model, a best practice approach to designing solutions that best meet customer needs and requirements.
    • This class helps learners prepare to pass the MCDE certification test.

What is available for customers?

From the Customer Learning Portal, end customers can
access free eLearning without needing a My Milestone ID.

Getting Started with XProtect Smart Client

    • Install, navigate through, and create views in the XProtect Smart Client.

    • Monitor events by viewing and adjusting live video,

    • Investigate incidents by searching, playing back, and exporting recorded video.

Using Milestone Husky

  • Covers the basics of using our different Husky products.

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