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Milestone Systems launches inaugural research study on consumer attitudes towards video technology in Singapore

While eight out of ten Singaporeans are more receptive to video technology amid the Covid-19 pandemic, greater public education of benefits, protection and privacy regulations are required to sustain the overall acceptance of video technology


Singapore, 15 September 2020 - Milestone Systems, a leading provider of open platform video management software, today unveiled the findings of “Video technology amid Covid-19”  study, highlighting the changing views and behaviors towards video technology now and in a post-Covid-19 norm.  300 consumers, between 20 to 64 years old, in Singapore were polled by AntzWorkz Consultants to examine the public’s receptivity towards video technology used in public places.

This study comes on the back of Singapore’s push towards adopting digital solutions, which include thermal scanners, biometric facial recognition systems and Artificial Intelligence cameras, through various initiatives such as the Advanced Digital Solutions scheme and Digital Resilience Bonus to facilitate safer public and work environments amid the pandemic.

Key findings from Milestone’s “Video technology amid Covid-19” survey include:

-        Eight in ten Singaporeans are receptive to the usage of video technology, such as thermal imagining cameras and crowd management video analytics, when underpinned by a health benefit.

-        Whilst not entirely familiar, most Singaporeans recognise benefits of video technology and showed greater inclination to visit public places with Covid-19 video technology measures.

-        Three distinct segments were identified in this study: the “Pragmatic” (41 percent) who sees video technology  as beneficial and the new norm, the “Realistic” (32 percent) who accepts video technology usage in specific scenarios; the “Sceptic” (27 percent) whose comfort level with video technology remains low even when used for health and security reasons.

-        Receptivity towards video technology is not associated with age. The study showed that having knowledge of video technology benefits and data measures is more likely to determine one’s acceptance, rather than age.

“Covid-19 continues to change the way we do business, and it is important that we become innovators with these new technologies that can help us better understand our end-users. While the use of video technology for health benefits gains greater societal acceptance, we see that there is still a significant portion of the population that is unfamiliar with the purpose and benefits of such solutions.

As consumers remain vigilant about how businesses are using their personal data, organisations must prioritise data protection and practice full transparency to build greater trust in video solutions”, said Benjamin Low, Vice President of Asia Pacific, Milestone Systems.

The research shows that when it comes to data privacy, majority of respondents are comfortable with video data being collected as long as personally identifiable information is removed or masked, and video data is deleted after the analysis.

Mr Low adds: “Being explicitly informed about the use of video technology in a premise and that no video data would be stored would further reassure the public and increase the overall receptivity and acceptance of video technology use. Just as businesses and organisations try to adapt to new consumer attitudes around safety and health, they will also need to work together with regulatory bodies and technology partners to find ways to maintain individual privacy and comply with data protection regulations at the same time.”


About Milestone Systems’ study: 300 consumers in Singapore, between ages 20 to 64 years old, were polled by AntzWorkz Consultants to understand perceptions about video technology that’s used in public places as part of measures introduced by businesses due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Demographic quotas based on DoS statistics (including for indicators such as age, gender, race, dwelling type) were employed to ensure the sample is broadly representative of the 20 to 64 years old Singapore population. Fieldwork was completed in 7 days from 14 Aug to 21 Aug 2020.


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