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Milestone XProtect 2013 Portfolio Expands and Interconnects

New tools for centrally managing surveillance as one unified system

LAS VEGAS – April 10, 2013. Milestone Systems, the open platform company in IP video management software (VMS), has announced expansions to the Milestone XProtect® VMS portfolio with the addition of a new product called XProtect® Expert and a new system concept, Milestone Interconnect™. New versions of XProtect® Corporate and all client interfaces will also be released in May. With a greater focus on delivering products optimized for customer needs, the new offerings in the XProtect VMS line will give increased flexibility and centralized management for dispersed locations.

At a press briefing held last night, Milestone founder and Chief Product Officer John Blem described the brand-new XProtect Expert 2013 as specially designed for medium and large installations. "We are strengthening Milestone's offering in the mid to high-end market. The central management interface allows large systems with multiple recording servers to be efficiently managed as one uniform system. With features for sophisticated live monitoring, centralized management and high-performance video recording, XProtect Expert provides scheduled and event-driven rules to make it is easy to automate security actions and control external systems, reducing the number of manual tasks."

The new XProtect Expert 2013 gives instant feedback on system performance, enabling proactive system administration. Configuration reports enable system integrators to document the system and provide a detailed listing of all configuration settings, too. Highly efficient 64-bit recording servers help save money on total system costs because it is possible for customers to run more cameras with fewer servers. Edge Storage furthermore can provide a level of reliability for installations with unstable network connections: the software can use camera-integrated storage as a safeguard function for unin­terrupted audio and video recording in the event of network or server failure. XProtect Corporate 2013 also now provides high availability support for high security installations, enabled by the new hot standby recording server that maintains video viewing and recording capabilities with minimal interruption and video loss in the event of system problems.

Both XProtect Corporate and XProtect Expert are packaged with the latest suite of client viewing applications: the full-featured XProtect® Smart Client 2013, the easy-to-use XProtect® Web Client 2013, and Milestone Mobile 2013 for users on the go. These provide a flexible choice of access to live and recorded video for situational overview, alarm handling, multi-layered interactive maps and the ability to flag suspicious incidents for later review. In addition, the new release of XProtect Smart Client is a true multi-screen application, enabling security operators to work more efficiently with several floating windows across multiple screens.

Milestone has also introduced a new system concept called Milestone Interconnect, a cost-effective way to connect different XProtect VMS products with XProtect Corporate 2013 to manage centralized surveillance across geographically dispersed sites. Milestone Interconnect is designed to enable efficient branch rollouts with easy installation and system cloning possibilities, combined with optimized daily operation where proactive alarm detection and remote management reduce the need for costly on-site visits.

Eric Fullerton, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, said: "Milestone Interconnect combines the cost-efficiency from low- and mid-market XProtect software with the power of the central management in XProtect Corporate. It even allows the administrator to combine local and central video storage to choose the most suitable storage solution for each situation."

Fullerton described three examples:

  • Milestone Interconnect is a very cost-efficient solution for large-scale retail chains, where headquarters can use XProtect Corporate while each store selects other XProtect software that best suits its needs. The video recordings can be retrieved from remote sites outside business hours to optimize use of system bandwidth, and system settings can be copied and applied to all stores to reduce installation costs.
  • For the transportation sector, vehicles can record video to onboard cameras, not needing constant network connection. The recordings are transferred to the central system on demand or by schedule with seamless upload, eliminating the need to manually gather video.
  • For partners running alarm centers, Milestone Interconnect creates new business opportunities through its ability to connect with a wide range of customers. Operators use maps and alarms to quickly verify and respond to incidents, reducing costly on-site visits. It is a cost-effective solution for the customers because they can choose the right XProtect software for their budget and needs."

The new Milestone XProtect VMS products are sold through Milestone Certified Partners around the world. Learn more about the Milestone products in Las Vegas, Nevada, at ISC West booth 20053 and in Birmingham, UK, at IFSEC booth 4/F90.

This press release is also available in French.

About Milestone Systems
Founded in 1998, Milestone Systems is the global industry leader in open platform IP video management software, according to IMS Research. The XProtect® platform delivers powerful surveillance that is easy to manage, reliable and proven in thousands of customer installations around the world. With support for the widest choice in network hardware and integration with other systems, XProtect provides best-in-class solutions to video enable organizations – managing risks, protecting people and assets, optimizing processes and reducing costs. Milestone software is sold through authorized and certified partners. For more information, visit

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