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Milestone investe e lavora continuamente per mettere a disposizione le pagine di nel maggior numero di lingue possibili. Tuttavia il processo richiede tempo. Tutte le nostre funzioni sono già disponibili in versione multilingue, ma alcune pagine, come questa, ancora no.
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Milestone Looks to Build a Community

Security.World analyzes Milestone Systems' new open platform community strategy.

Written by Jay Jason Bartlett.

In American football, the defensive coach does everything he can to recruit players with speed. He can teach technique. He can teach schemes. But he can’t teach speed. And the faster a player can get to the ball and make a tackle, the quicker the team gives their offense a chance to win the game.

Speed kills. Milestone’s VP of Corporate Business Unit Bjorn Skou Eilertsen puts it, “Time is money and our combined speed will kill the competition.”

In 2016, Milestone is looking to make a difference in the marketplace by not only accelerating the way it does business inside the company, but also in the speed in which it works with its outside partners. Milestone is looking to build a digital nervous system with its software partners, VARs and integrators, hardware partners – anyone with whom it does business.

Milestone’s annual Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS) conference, held in Scottsdale, AZ, at the end of February to a crowd of about 515 partners and integrators, provided a forum for what Milestone is doing to take its leading video management solution to the next level. With so much competition in the VMS market, what is Milestone able to do to differentiate itself?

This year’s conference was focused around Milestone’s desire to take the “community” of software and hardware partners and raise the level of awareness and integration to the masses even more. It was an event to showcase how Milestone could truly bring a team approach to video surveillance integration.

Milestone is proclaiming that the “integrated product” is now the solution. And it is the integration of various partner products integrating into a complete viable solution. The new business focus will be to enable collaboration from Milestone to partners, partners to partners, and therefore partners to customers.

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