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'Internet of Things' to drive increased adoption of IP access control

The rise of the "Internet of Things" and the proliferation of connected devices will drive increased adoption of IP access control solutions in the years to come.

Written by Rob Mossman, CEO, Isonas 

Published by 

Our world is becoming an interconnected web of IP addresses. The "Internet of Things" is driving dramatic change and opportunity. Video surveillance has already moved from analog to IP with better cameras and feature rich software management tools.  More importantly, IP cameras have created a customer base comfortable with low voltage data and power structures. Finally, tragic events and the rise of domestic terrorism have redefined security as both the ability to see what is going on and the ability to lock down all or part of a facility.  This means that video installs are expanding with access control, and vice versa.  These three trends are creating opportunity for savvy integrators and installers who are embracing IP access control to complement their network camera options thereby creating full solutions with low voltage architecture.

Traditional access control requires significant panel and wiring infrastructure. Most systems force migration to new software. The barrier to access control becomes user disruption, cost and complexity. Pure IP access control eliminates all control panels and all dedicated access control wiring. The reader at the door stores permissions and acts as both a reader and controller. Power is provided by PoE and the electric strike or magnetic lock is powered off the reader-controller. The access control system can be managed by a full-featured access control software, but daily management can be also accessed through existing VMS clients such as Milestone and Video Insight.

It is clear that IP access control will continue to gain significant market share.  The speed of adoptions will be faster than the ten years it took for IP cameras, but how fast is hard to predict.  Strong integrators and installers are adding a pure IP access control option without walking away from their traditional solutions.  This allows them to address the needs of each particular site in the manner that fits.  This strategy allows the market to transition slowly or quickly, but the integrator is prepared to address the needs of the market.

Global macro trends are creating change in our market.  Expectations driven by the Internet of Things, the majority of surveillance cameras being IP, and the re-definition of security to include both video and access control are all driving demand.  The strongest integrators are making the decisions to allow their businesses to change with it.  Is your business ready?

Read the full article about Milestone and IP access control. 

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