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Open Platform DSS Leader Reinvents the NVR with Intel® Core™ i5/i7 Processors

Intel blogger writes about the advantages of the Milestone Husky series in the Intel Embedded Community.

Posted by Mark Scantlebury, blogger at Intel

I’ve been writing about digital security and surveillance (DSS) for more than seven years now. One company I’ve been following is Milestone Systems, a General member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. Milestone is the global leader – according to market analyst IHS Inc – in open platform IP video management software. In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) that’s a great position to hold. The company has serious traction, and in investment parlance, a moat. So it didn’t surprise me too much recently when I heard that this industry leader was launching its own line of network video recorder (NVR) appliances based on Intel® processors.

This is a completely logical move. By offering NVRs with Milestone’s XProtect* video management software (VMS) preinstalled, Milestone saves systems integrators time in assembling and implementing DSS solutions for their customers. Instead of integrators having to focus on loading the software and tuning everything for the best performance, Milestone has taken care of it, allowing integrators to focus 100% on their customers’ needs.

The Milestone Husky NVR Series

Both the VMS software running on the NVR and the power and performance features of the NVR’s processor determine the overall capabilities and functionality of the unit. Typical capabilities include video recording, decode/transcode functions, managing camera streams, streaming video (live and recorded) to client workstations and mobile devices (such as smart phones), search capabilities, and, increasingly, video analytics. 

With the Husky series, Milestone has figured out how to provide all these functions in a customizable and scalable solution that redefines the NVR concept. With more than 50 preconfigured options, Milestone makes it easy to meet specific customer needs – whether a systems integrator is working with a single-location boutique or a multi-site installation.

In this post, I look at Milestone’s line of Husky* NVRs and how they use Intel® Core® i5/i7 processors to deliver superior performance.

Reinventing the NVR

Milestone Systems does an excellent job with its Milestone Husky NVRs of tapping the features and capabilities of Intel Core processors to deliver the performance, functionality and scalability people expect from a market leader. By preinstalling XProtect VMS and enabling a wide range of Milestone and third-party add-ons, these NVRs provide systems integrators with a great way to introduce customers quickly to the cost-savings and performance benefits of open platform IP video surveillance.

Read the full blog post about Milestone Husky. This was published on the Intel Embedded Community site. 

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