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Surf's Up for VMS and Analytics

CoastalCOMS deploys Milestone VMS and custom-built VCA for real-time water risk management
CoastalCOMS deploys Milestone VMS and custom-built VCA for real-time water risk management

Designed to capture information about the powerful and unpredictable ocean environment, CoastalCOMS analytics dynamically measure individual waves, wave periods, water movement as well as shore and waterlines.  This helps to identify and determine areas of change, risk and hazard. 

"Security industry systems integrators may be working with a city, state or national government body to plan a surveillance installation for a port or harbor, where adding CoastalCOMS analytics and cloud-hosted technology lifts the end results up to a far higher level of safety and response capabilities. A key parameter is using open platform software," explains Steve Hromyko, COO at CoastalCOMS.

"Milestone XProtect lets us leverage the interoperability of our analytics with our efficient cloud approach that's ideal for physically widespread or other milieu challenges."

Unique to the CoastalCOMS analytics offering is that the data is presented with a "level of confidence" metric associated with each measured output, ensuring both context and trust in the analytics result.

Read the full SURF'S UP FOR ANALYTICS SDI cover story (May 2011 issue of Security Dealer & Integrator magazine).