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Bring fixed and body-worn to the same hub solution

maggio 15, 2020
Body-worn camera solutions are often an extension of other surveillance systems for the purpose of improving the operational conditions of the users – whether in the field or in the operations center. But all too often, operators struggle with the handling of data from numerous sources. Information tends to be siloed into different systems that do not speak a common language. This poses challenges for effective and intelligent handling of footage, reporting, response times, documentation, and collaboration.
By thinking horizontally instead of vertically, you can create a complete and centralized management solution that allows you to integrate data from body-worn cameras with data from dashboard cams, IP video surveillance, and any other data sources. In other words, to get the full benefit of body-worn technology, you need to treat it as an integral part of a larger solution.

It may seem like a difficult task to get different types of data into a “straight line”, i.e. integrating data from body-worn cameras with information from other relevant sources. But ultimately it all comes down to the choice of VMS solution.

Milestone XProtect® is a platform that allows you to integrate body-worn camera systems into a single effective video management system, where you can manage all cameras and devices, including body-worn cameras. A VMS lets you view and analyze input such as video, audio, and metadata from all types of cameras and sensors, giving you the tools you need to prevent security risks, protect your employees and assets, and prove what happened if an incident should occur.

This, however, does not mean that you need to start out on a grand scale. You can choose to start small with full capabilities in one area and then expand from there as the need arises. The keywords here are OPEN PLATFORM and CENTRAL HUB. Bringing body-worn cameras and fixed cameras to the same hub solution will make your data exchange and overall processes run much more smoothly.

In short, incorporating wearable technology into a single intuitive interface gives you easy and convenient access to the information you need when you need it.

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