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Help your employees and customers keep a safe distance

luglio 16, 2020
It can feel inevitable: employees and customers getting too close for comfort in this time of social distancing. How can you possibly prevent it?
Help people help themselves
Video technology allows you to detect when people aren’t social distancing well enough, and can send out alerts, statistics and other real-time information to boost safety.

Do the safety numbers

The social distancing features offered by video technology are many, they include people and crowd counting solutions, occupancy statistics and crowd proximity detection just to name a few. All allow companies and organizations of any kind to employ IP cameras and intelligent video analytics data to determine the recommended safe distance that everyone should observe.

You can also determine the maximum safe capacity for office spaces, shops, grocery stores and conference rooms based on local social distancing requirements.

Receive alerts when people get too close
By determining the standard surface area required for each person, video-based social distancing features and people counting analytics among other tools can provide real-time alerts when spaces get overcrowded.

To avoid too close a contact and congestion in stores, “wrong way” detection can also be used to warn customers and alert store managers. Furthermore, thermal mapping can obtain data on which spots get too crowded and when. Thermal maps, also called heat maps, are created from the footage supplied from your cameras.
Milestone partners offering social distancing detection:


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