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Motorola validates Milestone IP video as MOTOMESH ready

Surveillance software tested by engineers at Motorola headquarters.

Beaverton, OR, 23 October 2006

Milestone Systems IP video management platform tested and validated by Motorola for MOTOMESH, a Multi-Radio Broadband Solution.

Milestone Systems Inc., the market leading provider of open platform IP video surveillance software, has signed a Validation and Trademark License Agreement with Motorola Inc. Networks and Enterprise Business Group, a global leader in wireless and broadband communications and mission critical solutions designed to meet the needs of public safety, government and enterprise customers. The agreement between these companies was the result of a software evaluation of Milestone’s product XProtect Enterprise on the MOTOMESH network, Motorola’s multi-radio broadband solution. Motorola has validated the Milestone software as compatible for use on MOTOMESH networks.

The agreement allows both companies to advertise and support these products as compatible and validated for inter-operation and joint marketing opportunities. In August of this year, Milestone Systems sent a technician to Motorola headquarters in Chicago to perform the validation testing together with Motorola engineers. Both companies’ sales and implementation channels may now take advantage of providing the combined Milestone open platform IP video software and MOTOMESH Ready wireless data solutions to end customers.

"Milestone is very pleased to move forward with Motorola, to meet the advanced IP video wireless needs of those working in the areas of public safety, government and enterprise," says Eric Fullerton, President of Milestone Systems Inc. "This continues to be a focus area for Milestone and our channel partners as security needs increase worldwide."

The MOTOMESH Ready solutions offer wireless access to mission-critical data anytime, anywhere to first responders like police, ambulance, fire, or military personnel. Motorola’s mesh networks architecture, originally designed for battlefield communications, uses Multi-Hopping™ technology to allow client devices to become the network. Intelligent routing enables connectivity at high vehicular speeds, client ad-hoc networking and built-in position location capabilities. The mobile mesh network carries wireless broadband data, including real-time, high-resolution, full screen video that can be transmitted from surveillance cameras located throughout the city, managed by the Milestone XProtect IP video management software.

XProtect Enterprise is Milestone’s most comprehensive offering, a top-of-the-line surveillance management tool for unlimited numbers of cameras, clients, servers and sites. Operators can handle the system through the easy Graphical User Interface of the Smart Client with multi-monitor support, customizable views, floating windows, digital zoom, audio and matrix support. Application Program Interfaces allow for integration with other systems and devices for value-adding inter-operability.