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ISONAS - the first Access Control Solution Certified with XProtect Access Control Module

ISONAS Inc, a panel-less, pure IP access control system manufacturer, has the first video-enabled integration to be certified with the Milestone XProtect® Access Control Module 2014.

Boulder, CO (September 25, 2014) - ISONAS Inc, a panel-less, pure IP access control system manufacturer, has the first video-enabled integration to be certified with the Milestone XProtect® Access Control Module 2014. The integration of these products provides a unified user interface for a complete video-access control solution, which will be shown at the Milestone booth 1043 at the ASIS 2014 trade show in Atlanta September 29 to October 1.

The integration between the ISONAS Crystal Matrix access control system and the Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) allows for the real-time display of the ISONAS managed access control alarms and events in the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client, control of locked doors and access requests from within the XProtect Smart Client, and synchronization of both live and recorded display of video and images with access control events. 

The seamless integration of the Milestone XProtect Smart Client and the ISONAS Crystal Matrix software lets customers keep the Milestone front end they have and love, while adding access control - there is no need to re-train users: just plug in ISONAS. The integration delivers real-time monitoring with video verification and the ability to respond to incidents, including locking, unlocking or triggering a full system lock down.

The ISONAS pure IP access control integration through the XProtect interface allows customers to take advantage of their IP video infrastructure.  The all-in-one ISONAS PowerNet reader-controller offers a revolutionary panel-less approach, by using the existing network to bring intelligent decision-making to the door.  The only equipment needed at each access point is a network connection, a CAT5 Ethernet cable, and the ISONAS PowerNet reader-controller.

The ISONAS-Milestone integration allows customers to seamlessly deploy access control with the same topology as their cameras. This eliminates the need for additional power at the door, resulting in dramatically lower cost-of-ownership, providing a more flexible and scalable solution while avoiding the need to re-train Milestone XProtect users.

“The successful completion of the ISONAS Milestone Solutions Certification demonstrates our commitment to progressive video enabled solutions,” says Milestone Strategic Alliances Manager Reinier Tuinzing. “Customers continue to request the flexibility to respond to alarms and events in addition to viewing the video from within the XProtect Smart Client. The ISONAS integration supports real-time video and access monitoring, with interactive facility maps providing visual camera views of access points - all configured and viewed within the XProtect VMS or, if desired, from the access control interface - even at the same time.”


Founded in 1999, ISONAS is the first access control company to design and manufacture a cutting-edge, IP-to-the-door solution that eliminates needless complexity—including inconvenient control panels, separate power supply, and dedicated hard-wiring. Our network-based PowerNet™ reader-controllers offer a patented technology that easily integrates with Windows-based software to deliver more simplicity, greater value, and total flexibility to go places you never thought possible. With 25,000 readers installed worldwide across a range of organizations, ISONAS provides a proven solution that is revolutionizing the industry. For more information visit: