Milestone XProtect Products Privacy Statement

Updated November 2011

Collection of usage information by Milestone XProtect Products1
For the purpose of this privacy statement, the term XProtect® Products1 refers to: the XProtect® Smart Client and/or the XProtect® Management Application for XProtect® Enterprise, XProtect® Professional, XProtect® Express, XProtect® Essential and/or XProtect® Go.

To help Milestone Systems improve the usability and customer experience of XProtect Products1 , the software includes an option for gathering statistical information about the installation and operation of XProtect Products1 . This information is collected anonymously via a cookie that issues a Global Unique IDentifier (GUID).

No personal information is collected by the cookie about the equipment (PC) you have installed the XProtect Products1 on or about any of the recordings you make.

What information is collected from my XProtect Products1 installation?
Depending on the XProtect Products1 installed, the following usage information is collected:

  • The country where the software is installed
  • Hardware platform information such as operating system version, Microsoft .NET framework version, CPU type and memory size
  • XProtect Products1 version information
  • Information about the number and type of hardware devices (cameras) used with the XProtect Products1
  • Information on which XProtect Products1 features are used and how often these features are used
  • Information about which XProtect Products1 menus and buttons are activated and how often these are used
  • Execution time for specific operations in XProtect Products1 installation
  • Error reports and exceptions generated by the XProtect Products1 installation

When is information collected from my XProtect Products1 installation?
When you install your particular XProtect Products1 , you will be asked if you to want to sign up for the customer experience improvement program. If you agree to help improve the XProtect Products1 , the cookie mentioned above will be included as part of the installation. From this point the installed XProtect Products1 software will regularly collect the information listed above.

This information will only be collected when the XProtect Management Application or the XProtect Smart Client is active.

The automatic collection of information can be disabled by either uninstalling the XProtect Products1 software or by disabling it manually using the XProtect Management Application (see below).

How to stop XProtect Products1 from collecting usage information
Open the XProtect Management Application and under the "Application Settings" menu -> "Application Behavior..." -> "Privacy Options", you will see an option for enabling or disabling this function.

How does Milestone Systems protect the information collected by this function?
Milestone Systems is committed to protecting the security of the information collected from the XProtect Products1 installations. Milestone Systems has implemented security measures to help protect against the loss and misuse of data being collected. The information is stored in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced technologies to prevent interference or unauthorized access from outside intruders.

Changes to this privacy statement
Milestone Systems will update this privacy statement to reflect any changes in the information collection process. When updates are posted to this privacy statement, Milestone Systems will revise the "last updated" date at the top of this document. We encourage you to periodically review the privacy statement to be informed of any changes in collection of usage information by the XProtect Products1 .

1 For the purpose of this privacy statement, the term XProtect Products refers to: the XProtect Smart Client and/or the XProtect Management Application for XProtect Enterprise, XProtect Professional, XProtect Express, XProtect Essential and/or XProtect Go.