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If you work in casino security, surveillance or operations, you know the daily challenges. It’s critical your video technology not only satisfies compliance requirements but also helps you keep a sharp eye on guests and employee safety — while delivering a world-class guest experience. XProtect is a powerful video technology solution that’s easy to use with features that are ideal for casino needs. It builds on years of experience, security and reliability to help ensure compliance and gaming transparency.  

XProtect – a single solution meeting multiple needs

Our proven video technology platform can help. Our software platform is always on, always analyzing, and always ready to sound an alarm if anything needs your attention. And all in just one connected and easy-to-use system.

The power of XProtect

With XProtect you get a versatile video technology solution, built on years of experience, security and reliability. The open architecture allows for endless possibilities to add features and future functionalities via our Technology Partners and third-party vendors. These can help you to ensure compliance and gaming transparency, improve efficiency, and deliver a world-class guest experience, all with relative ease.

Compliance — keep your casino running smoothly and reliably
Casinos are among the most strictly regulated businesses. From investigating player disputes to enforcing compliance, gaming control boards need full visibility and the footage must be preserved for days. With XProtect you can easily monitor and manage installations — as well as integrate diverse devices, cameras and sensors. This gives you a lot more flexibility to upgrade your installation without compromising on compliance.
Smooth operations — incident handling made easy
When dealing with incidents, casino surveillance, security and hospitality personnel must work together to coordinate a quick response and minimize the impact. XProtect delivers a superior real-time operator experience, allowing an instant video replay to confirm an incident, and then immediately logs the incident reports. Evidence can be exported and stored in different formats so that all relevant parties promptly receive an accurate report.
Smart data — drive business with exceptional guest experiences
Extraordinary guest experiences are key to generating business and loyalty in this competitive industry. Get the edge and drive more revenue using real-time analytics and data-driven decision-making. XProtect supports features like heat mapping and occupancy statistics that deliver insights on how guest movements onsite. This optimizes operations and staffing decisions, such as if new tables are needed.

“When there’s a camera outage at a table or in the cage, you have to get the coverage resumed within minutes or close the area. So, reliability and consistency are critical.”

– Major casino, Colorado, US

Discover real-world use cases

Your casino has a challenging responsibility to safeguard assets, guests and employees, while ensuring a smooth and compliant operation. Learn more about how XProtect can help resolve security, business and technology challenges your casino may be facing today.

Clear images are important

Cameras on all tables

Easy handling of incidents

Live investigation of irregularities

Resource optimization made easy

Clear images are important

The roulette wheel is in motion, the ball spins fast around it, bets are being placed, the air is thick with excitement, the winning number comes up. The camera needs to catch all of this amidst the backdrop of bright lights and display sharp images on a screen. It’s about being able to capture what the human eye can’t.

XProtect supports video recording at up to 120 fps and has drivers for super high-performance cameras. Milestone supports you with robust technical documentation and reference designs to help you choose the right combination of cameras, servers and displays. 

Cameras on all tables

No video = no games. Because video is so critical, it’s important to keep an eye on the system health and be able to solve issues on the go.

System monitoring solutions allow surveillance personnel to monitor camera performance and status so they can resolve issues and are also able to track down when they occurred.

Easy handling of incidents for reporting purposes

All incidents must be validated with a written report, and the evidence exported and shared with authorities.

Using a combination of Centralized Search for finding the relevant footage across multiple cameras, and the Incident Manager, you can simplify the process and significantly reduce the time spent on incident reporting, as well as improve collaboration and validation in the operators’ teams.

Live investigation of irregularities

With Independent Playback you can instantly rewind video if you suspect an irregularity; as well as bookmark incidents in live or recorded video.

Centralized Search enables you to quickly find what you are looking for even via multiple cameras. This function allows you to search for video, motion, alarms, events, bookmarks and ONVIF-compliant metadata all in one place. Search templates can be saved for future use and to speed up investigations. We provide custom training for your operators to ensure they can get the most out of the solution.

Resource optimization made easy

How do you best plan for resource optimization while delivering a better customer experience? Analytics and features like heat mapping, people counting and space occupancy can help deliver valuable insights. These include how traffic moves through the property and how many guests are present on the floor.

This is invaluable for your staffing decisions and helps to better manage the floor, for example if you need more tables opened up.

Why choose Milestone?

Fully configurable and future-proof

XProtect's open platform architecture allows you to tailor, scale and update it as your needs develop, and new opportunities arise.

Reliable performance and safety

As well as minimizing downtime and improving ROI, our platform gives you further peace of mind with GDPR and FIPS 140-2 compliance.

Collaborative and service-minded

Build the best-performing video solutions using the products, services and expertise of Milestone and our global partner network.

Responsible and people driven

Employ video technology ethically and compliantly while exploring new ways to improve people's safety, happiness and health.


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