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The Magnetic Center

Security Today has published an except from the book "Business Magnetism" written by Milestone Systems CEO Lars Thinggaard. It touches upon the factors that make Milestone's technology and business model unique.

Published by Security Today.

Milestone Systems was extremely successful at taking ideas which seemed like sound concepts and putting them into practice. The key was doing it in a way that was scalable - without detrimental short-term effects.

Take, for example, the evolution of our software into a truly open platform product. This centered on the development of an API – an Application Programming Interface and an official software development kit, or SDK.

In the U.S., we actually began selling the concept of our software as an integration platform before either an API or SDK existed. It was a bold move, but we knew our software engineers were up to the task. As we expanded, I continued our founders’ strategy of employing smart, creative people to strengthen the business.

When you look at Milestone’s universe, at all the people who benefit from our success, I no longer see us as a company employing 450 people. I see it as a 10,000 person organization, including all those who work with us and are affected by the decisions we make. This is what I call our “virtual organization.” Because we’re the magnetic center of this universe, our decisions can have a real impact on other companies and individuals. We need to ensure that our performance continues to benefit all those who work with us.

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