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Teemme ahkerasti töitä, jotta kaikki milestonesys.com-sivuston sivut olisivat käytettävissä mahdollisimman monella kielellä. Mutta tämä prosessi vie aikaa. Vaikka monet toiminnoistamme ovat monikielisiä, jotkin sivut, kuten tämä, eivät ole vielä käytettävissä paikallisella kielelläsi.
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Responsibility and business ethics

Our products support economic and human well-being in facilities and infrastructures worldwide – they can also be used in the context of restraint. We realize that technology is a growing societal and ethical concern, and we believe in taking responsibility for the world we help create.

We care about privacy
XProtect® Corporate is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and has received EuroPriSe GDPR-ready certification from the European Privacy Seal institute. For data security and protection, we have integrated functionalities into our products to comply with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS). FIPS is a United States standard for encryption and improved cybersecurity.


Sustainable development goals

At Milestone we are conscious of our operations and impact as a global company. We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and we are committed to contributing to these goals within our reach in our business and industry.

Technology for the greater good

Milestone is a co-author of the Copenhagen Letter, a technology declaration that pushes for an open and honest public conversation about the power of technology and how it should enhance quality of life.


Values and behavior compass

Providing the best care foMilestone’s approach to human rights, anti-corruption and bribery is firmly based on our company values and behavior compass. We require employees, partners, and customers to comply with applicable laws and to respect human rights. We do not accept discrimination, human rights violations, violations of child labor laws. We have incorporated human rights language into our licensing terms, which were supplemented by the Copenhagen Clause in 2019.

Our anti-corruption policy is clearly documented in the code of conduct that employees must sign and comply with. We also require management and employees to act if they observe incidents which may be seen as unlawful or unethical. Employees and external stakeholders are encouraged to raise business integrity concerns through a direct email hotline, which can be found here. r expecting mothers requires 24-hour attention, but needs to be sensitive to the dogs’ routines and general wellbeing.


The environment and climate
Our business has an impact on the climate and the environment – and we can influence this impact. We encourage all employees to become more climate and environmentally-conscious in their work processes. We also believe that smart technology design can minimize adverse effects on the environment and are working to reduce energy consumption.

Through energy conservation, we can save costs for security installations and extend the lifespan of their hardware. We also include relevant environmental protection in our partner contracts, and require distributors to comply with local environmental legislation.


Gender distribution
A diverse workforce brings varied experiences, expertise, ideas, and innovation. We actively seek out a culturally and gender-diverse group of employees . In 2020, Milestone’s senior management at VP-level included 33% women and our Director-level included 26% women. By 2024, the board aims to have one female candidate for election as a shareholder-elected member. 

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