Milestone Developer Conference
Brøndby - Copenhagen, Denmark
October 01 - October 02, 2019

Join your peers at the Milestone Developer Conference in Copenhagen on October 1-2

Developers are a vital part of the Milestone open platform community. They use our Milestone Integration Platform SDK to develop integrations for and with our world-leading XProtect® VMS, all over the world.

This special event is dedicated to our developer community to enable and engage developers to co-create solutions that will help bring video technology to every corner of the world.

This two-day conference will highlight how you as a developer can make the most of the Milestone Integration Platform SDK and roadmap, find inspiration, get intrigued by new ideas and become part of a growing network of peer developers and Milestone engineers.

The conference is open to all developers in- and outside the Milestone Community.

Do you have something in mind for the upcoming event? Anything specific you’d like to see on the agenda? Send your feedback directly to


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Tuesday, October 01
Milestone Systems
Banemarksvej 50C
2605 Brøndby - Copenhagen
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